Dual Battery Systems


Ace Mobile Auto Electrics- is your trusted name for all your specific dual battery system supply and installations near you in Osborne Park, Wangara, Waneroo, Yanchep, Ocean Reef, Perth.

By Definition - Dual battery refers to a battery system which consists of an auxiliary/second battery fitted along with the 4wd vehicle's actual factory-installed battery unit.

The whole point of installing your battery is to work in tandem with the original 4wd battery thus providing your vehicle enough power to get a quick jump start. This secondary or auxiliary battery unit proves rather useful to users at campsites prone to battery power scarcity.

This additionally fitted battery delivers you consistent power to run your mini-fridge right at the vehicle's rear (even when the ignition is switched off). It also helps power up a wide range of electrical components namely the camping lights, laptops , mobile phones without potentially running the risks of running out of power.

We Offer You Prompt & Professional Dual Battery System Supply & Installation

Fortunately, our diligent and confident team has lots of prior expertise in performing quick and immaculate Dual battery installations - in which also includes adding more than an auxiliary battery unit.

While your 4wd's alternator powers up both the battery units; our team will make sure to

  • • Add a dual battery isolator
  • • A DC to DC charger with a battery monitor (otherwise known as volt meter)
  • • And all the necessary circuit and wiring protection

Our experienced team will be more than happy to advice you on the best areas to fit in a dual battery system- be it in the engine's bay within your vehicle's cabin or at the rear tray of your UTE. What's more, our team also supplies you steel trays aptly suited to safeguarding your newly fitted auxiliary battery from the harshness and unevenness of off-road terrains and environments.

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Battery Management System

    Ace Mobile Auto Electrics offers respective service seekers long-term BMS - Battery Management Systems keeping in mind the highest safety standard.

    Our BMS - (Battery Management System) consists of advanced algorithms and electronics which guarantee top-quality precision measurements.

    As your local auto electricians serving near you in Osborne Park, Wangara, Waneroo, Butler and others nearby - We Know How To Make Batteries Work.

    And our quality BMS has helped meet several of our client's demands - ranging from the simplest of concepts to the most ground-breaking ones.

    We also serve these locations - Yanchep, Ocean Reef, Joondalup and Perth

Our BMS Entails The Following Primary & Secondary Functions

Starting With The Primary Functions -

    • It safeguards the battery pack - both from over-discharge (when the cell voltage tends to be too low) as well as from over-charging (mainly when the cell voltage reaches way too high). This resultantly helps add more years to your battery.
    • It calculates the degree of charge remaining in the battery - And it does this by tracking the amount of energy that goes in and the amount which goes out of the battery pack. It also keeps an active eye on the battery pack's cell voltages.
    • Furthermore, it closely monitors the safety and health of the battery pack - pack by inspecting for short circuits, wire insulation breaking down as well as defective battery cells in need of replacing or existing loose connections.

Moving On To The Secondary Functions of Our BMS -

    • Helps balance battery cells simply by bleeding off overly charged cells
    • Keeps close watch over the battery pack temperature and also regulates the battery fan to keep temperatures comfortable.
    • Delivers real-time information and values to the following - displays, data loggers, motor controllers, chargers, with the use of methods namely - digital outputs, CANBUS, analog outputs; etc!
    • Keeps stock of error codes along with other key detailed diagnosis details to fix existing problems with the help of the battery pack if at all any issues come forth.

Want To Know More How Our BMS Works?

If you have any questions concerning how our BMS works; feel free to SPEAK TO US as you see fit.

We will be happy to answer whatever questions you may have!