Lithium Batteries


Ace Mobile Auto Electrics hailing as experts in Lithium batteries comes to your rescue whenever you look to upgrade to more powerful and convenient lithium caravan batteries.

We deliver on-demand supply and prompt installations in and across in Osborne Park, Wangara, Waneroo, Yanchep, Ocean Reef, Perth.

We Believe Lithium Batteries Are The Future of Battery Technology

In this modern era, lithium caravan battery units stand as the latest and most effective battery technology. And due to its impressive range of benefits, lithium batteries are quickly becoming a common inclusion in most off-road 4wd caravan models.

Lithium battery units are constantly known to deliver superior performance and that makes them aptly suited to juicing up the caravan as well as its appliances to stay active and operational for long stays even when far from the main power source.

So, if you are planning to upgrade to lithium batteries for your caravan models, then you can very well refer to Iron Phosphate batteries (abbreviated to LiFE or LiFEP04).

Make no mistake, this is not to be confused with Lithium ion batteries which are typically used to juice up your camera and smart devices.

To make matters clear lithium batteries differ greatly from AGM or Lead acid batteries particularly in their cell structure and power output. Not only do they come with better work running efficiency, they are smaller, release charge and are very portable.

Much to your delight, out experienced team will deliver you wide ranging lithium battery systems incorporating built-in battery monitoring and management.

Its Praise-Worthy USPs -

Lithium Batteries are half the size of AGM battery units and also bear one quarter of the weight of the same. They are compact, portable and result in reduced consumption of fuel on each trip.

Moreover, lithium batteries are very efficient in their power output. They can be set to discharge as little as 20% of its full capacity without deteriorating the overall lifespan of the battery life.

This denotes that for an approximate 125 amp hour lithium battery, there will be 100 amp hours of power available before a recharge is needed. In compare this to a 120 amp hour AGM battery; there are only 60 amp hours of available power as it is recommended to refrain from discharging the battery power to more than 50% of its capacity so as to not degrade the battery.

As a guide:

Lithium v AGM Capacities

• 100Ah Lithium = 160Ah AGM

• 125Ah Lithium = 200Ah AGM

• 200Ah Lithium = 360Ah AGM

Based on standard depth of discharge for both Lithium (80%) and AGM (50%).

Experts In 12-Volt Lithium Ion Batteries

As your reliable team of local auto electricians operating near you in Ocean Reed, Butler, Waneroo and so on; we understand how camping trip proves great for your relaxation and recuperation.

Add to that, Australia has always been heralded for its remarkable tourist sites and sceneries- thus making it one of the most prolific tourist destinations on the sphere.

    Caravans/motor-homes are the most preferred way to explore these tourist spots Down-Under at your own-sweet pace. And while these exquisite and resourceful automobiles can carry all your necessary items and supplies; there is no doubt that looking after its lithium ion batteries on a consistent basis is of utmost importance.

    Fortunately for you; Ace Mobile Auto Electrics; offers you 3600 auto electrical solutions including everything related to your 12-Volt ion Lithium ion batteries.

    Depending on your caravan units, we will perform a thorough inspection of your caravan's battery performance- mainly using our quality and focused BMS- Battery Management System!

    We Serve These Locations - Osborne Park, Wangara, Perth, Waneroo, Yanchep, Butler, Joondalup, Ocean Reef; etc!

We Install, Replace & Routinely Maintain Your 12-Volt Lithium Ion Batteries

    • If your 12-Volt Lithium-ion battery charges way slowly discharge (or self discharge); request our team to check the charge status of your battery.
    • Also, if requested - we will inspect your battery to check its charge cycle and carefully monitoring if it is nearing its lifespan
    • Moreover, we will also help you with new 12 volt lithium ion battery replacement if - the battery charging time increases considerably and if its run time dips to 80% of its actual time

In addition to replacements and routinely maintenances; we also share with you proper handing precautions, storage information, charging advice and other general lithium ion battery maintenances to ensure it operates till its full life expectancy.

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